Wednesday, March 30, 2005

What a pain! A whiny post.

Okay, the shawl scarf was a major pain to get started. First casting on 375 sts was small task(for me). I counted, counted and recounted gazillion times. Then I frogged the first row about 5-6 times -> which translates to counting and recounting those 375 sts to make sure I start with the correct number of sts. That was yesterday, all day. Today I finally got past the first, second, third and now I'm on the fourth row. Not much to show for, but hopefully I get some momentum over the weekend. Yes, we're talking weekend (even though I'm a SAHM). We're taking a mini trip up to Marin. DD had the last 2 weeks off from preschool (I know, who cares if she misses a week). On our way home, I'm hoping we can stop by HMB Fuel and Feed store to pick up some baby chicks.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Lookie what I got in the mail today? 2 packages - 2 pairs of addis and yarn from Knitpicks. Sock yarn and "shimmer" (purple and turquoise) for Ene's Scarf from Scarf Style. The yarn is so so soft (70% alpaca and 30% silk). I'm getting ready to cast on. Posted by Hello

I worked on the hot water cozy a bit this morning, but I'm afraid its probably going into UFO pile. I have till the end of May to finish it (school ends then, and I want to give it to dd#1's teacher then).

I knitted a mouse for our kitty. I filled it with catnip, but somehow she doesn't like it. Hopefully she'll change her mind soon.  Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 26, 2005

I know its a bit boring, but here's what I've got for the hot water bottle cozy. This is a gift for the dd#1's preschool and the teacher prefers organic unprocessed yarn. The yarn does not show off the cabling that well. However, it is soft and sturdy. See that little strand of brownish yarn on the side? I put the yarn in the easter egg dye pot(red onion skin + water + vinegar) and I kind of like the color. Not sure if its right for the hot water bottle cozy though. The eggs turned out a beautiful brick red. I can hear the preschoolers already, complaining about the color looking like... you know.. Posted by Hello

I ordered some yarn from knitpicks, some sock yarn and "shimmer". Also ordered more Jo Sharp DK from Herrschner for a sweater in Vintage Knits, some Debbie Bliss Merino Aran for Knitty's Miss Dashwood. I really like color so I'm really not too motivated with the current project.

On the chicken coop front, dh is at home depot right now getting material for the coop. Yipee!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My sockapalooza socks arrived today, all the way from Australia. I love the color and weight of the socks. Aren't they pretty? I like the different heel colors too, thank you so much Monique! I was actually wearing a burgundy top which matches the burgundy in the socks perfectly. I wore them for 1-1/2 hrs but then noticed my feet were cramping up. There is a seam down the middle of the socks and I thought I can ignore it but my feet don't like it too much. Any ideas on what I can do so I can wear these lovely socks? I'm going to lanolize to see if that would relax the seam some. Thank you again so much Monique, beautiful socks. Great color combination! Posted by Hello

Monday, March 21, 2005

I know, its not knitting related. I've seen lots of knitting blogs with cats and dogs pictures so I thought I'll follow suit. Yes, we're talking about chickens here. I don't have any yet, but looking and reading up on it. I'm thinking about getting 3 chickens and have dh build the poultry ark aka "chicken tractor". I'm going to start out with 1-2 day old chicks. I'm still deciding on the breed, probably medium size "layers". This chicken tractor design is really neat because you can move the tractor around your yard and let the chickens do their thing - fertilize and weed your yard. Eggs are a bonus too of course. Hubby thinks I'm a bit nuts at first but is warming up to the idea. :) If the chickens go well (I don't see why not) I'm planning on getting some rabbits next year. I have a calico cat already (indoor) and 3 little fishies for dd#1. Posted by Hello

On the knitting front, I'm half way done with the 2 sock for my sister. No pictures yet... I ordered some addi turbos this weekend and getting ready to order some yarn form knitpicks for another pair of socks and maybe a shawl. I'll post some pictures tomorrow of what I'll be doing.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Sent out the sockapalooza socks this morning. I know its a day late, but the kids nap time was all over the place yesterday . I got the postcard last night and walked over to the PO this morning. My sock pal lives in the same town so she'll probably get it tomorrow.

I'm on my second sock now. I'll post a picture of the FO after my sister receives them. I'm also working on a hot water cozy. I'm using the organic tweed yarn from Full Belly Farm. Not much to show yet, just casted on. The yarn is minimally processed, still loaded with lanolin and vegetative material.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Yes, Rogue is done. Well, almost. Still a few more loose threads to weave. You won't believe what happened with seaming the shoulders. I had to rip out the first seam and redo it. Here I was with my scissors.. and I cut the shoulder seam off and part of the sleeve. I mean just cutting into the fabric cut. Yikes! I fixed it but was pretty pissed at myself. Anyways, here is rogue. I steam blocked it and will wet block it now. The sleeves are a little short but I should be able to get some length. Unfortunately, its a beautiful 75 degrees outside and I won't be able to wear the rogue during the day.  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Looks like I have enough yarnfor Rogue.. Yay!! I made the sleeves an inch shorter and I have barely enough yarn left to put everything together. Its that close!! Thank you yarn goddess! I'm seaming the sleeves right now. But boy, do I hate doing this!! I'm reading tips on joining and its coming out great. Have I mentioned I hate doing this? I'm almost done with the second sleeve, but still have to attach the sleeves to the armholes.
I also picked up yarn for a pair of birthday socks for my sis. The cotton/wool yarn doesn't seem to have much give at all. What gives? The yarn is specifically made for making socks, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Still no pictures today.. I'll try and finish up Rogue and post a pic of the FO tomorrow. Hopefully.

Friday, March 04, 2005

I'm on the second sleeve now. I still can't tell if I'm going to run out of yarn or not. Its going to be very close. The 1st sleeve seems a bit long, so I might shorten it an inch or so if that will tie me over yarnwise. Wish me luck!
I'm having second thoughts about the mariah. I'm not sure I like the hood or the collar. I also cannot settle on a color. So maybe some time away from obsessing about it would help.
A couple of things I'm thinking about making. First the booga bag, I have 3 skeins of kureyon so that would be perfect. The hot water bottle cozy, I want to make one for us and one for DD's preschool as a farewell present (she's moving onto kindergarten). Whatelse? Maybe butterfly, or Gloria or Caraway (yes, all from Noro Knits by Jane Ellison). I glanced at Simply Noro at the LYS, bought it and realize I really like Noro Knits. The LYS has a no return policy on patterns! So, if anyone wants to trade with me, let me know! The book is in grand spanking new condition. I'm also looking for a sock pattern and sock yarn (a surprise present, so I won't be talking about it much here).
Hopefully I'll have enough yarn and I can finish up Rogue this weekend. More pics then.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Almost done with the hood. I'm pretty happy with the grafting. You can still see the graft line, but steaming can pretty take care of it. I still have to graft the back of the hood and then onto the sleeves. Yipee! I only have 3 skeins of yarn left. May the yarn fairy be with me! Posted by Hello