Thursday, March 30, 2006

The spinning bug

Yes, I caught the spinning bug. I've been inspired by all the "knit spinners" (like Marnie's beautiful shawl and sweet georgia's gorgeous colorways) out there and finally took out my bosworth midi I got at Stitches West 2005, some pretty purple roving I got at the same time from carolina homespun, and voila:

I know, so its not that most even yarn. This is actually from day 2. Day 1's singles are even more uneven. Online I also found a new mag spindicity, videos from icanspin.
I'm taking a spinning class tomorrow night (one on one), hopefully all will go well. I have plans to drive up to carolina homespun on Sunday to check out some wheels (i.e. the Ashford Joy and the Lendrum double tread). Mind you, I've never been on a wheel yet! (not spinning wheels anyways, potter's wheels yes!) Oh, and I'm ordering some BFL and corriedale roving from coopermoose.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Chicken and Shitaki mushroom clay pot rice

Back from our vacation in San Diego and totally inspired by my sister and bil's cooking. Yum yum good! They are great cooks and really enjoy cooking. So I purchased a clay pot yesterday and cooked this up tonight:

See recipe here.
I used brown rice instead of white (Soak rice for 7+hrs. 1-1/4 c of rice and 2-1/2 c of water. simmer in lowest heat possible for about 45 minutes). I also added basmatic vinegar to the final sauce... Hmm, hmm good. Now, I'm inspired to find more clay pot recipes.

On the knitting front, I'm almost done with the left front of the must have. I ran out of yarn on the charlotte's web, but got a contrasting color yesterday (not a perfect match, but it will do). Not too much knitting the last 2 days, sick family.

Monday, March 13, 2006


Yep, frog time. Somehow I cannot get gauge with the Patons Classic merino. The pattern says size 7 needles 20 sts for 4". I'm using size 5 needles, and 18 sts for 4". I thought it might tighten up with all the cables. Not... So, you see it now and off to the frog pond it goes. Ribbit...

A little peekapoo view of the flower basket shawl for dd#1. I have 6 more days to finish it. Need to focus.

I also just checked out Loop 'd Loop from the library.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Charlotte's Web.. and the magic of blocking

I've been made a believer. I've always fudged it and steamed block (ie iron the pieces). But look at this... The before:

and after:

I'm totally in love with this thing. I can hardly wait for it to dry, weave in ends and wear it. I'm so going to wear it to San Diego in less than 2 weeks. Yipee!
There is also going to be a lot more lace around here...
Size 4.0mm needles
Koigu P426, P608, P107B, P807, P 816

I'm not going to add the fringe to charlotte's web. But I did do a picot edge:

*Cast on 2 sts using cable cast on, BO 4 sts using the traditional bind off, place remaining stitch on right needle back on left needle as if to purl* Repeat * to *

It took forever to do the picot bindoff, but so worth it. I think it took 1-1/2 hours just for the bindoff.

This is my first time knitting with Koigu KPPPM and I love the color variations. The vibrancy of the color, woo ah ah. I was never a shawl kinda gal, but hey I can be!
Still waiting on the "must have cardigan" pattern to arrive (haven't check the mailbox yet). But I already have the Noro Lily wound, pattern printed and ready to go.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Noro Lily

There was a sale at our LYS and I scooped up 2 skeins of Noro Lily. I'm thinking about making a Flower Basket Shawl for dd#1. Aren't the colors pretty? Just perfect for an almost 5-1/2 year old.

20 more rows on charlotte's web and I'll be done. I actually prefer the shawl growing than the other way around. I casted on for Ene's shawl from scarfstyle last year and casting on 300+ stitches is really no fun and then messing up because I'm not familiar with the pattern. Yikes. With charlotte's web, I casted on 7 stitches, learned the pattern and at 275 sts a row I can spot a boo boo right away.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Progress and whats coming...

Still chugging along with the Charlotte's Web, on row 96. So I guess I have 60 more rows to go. But the rows are getting longer and longer. I'm up to almost 200 stitches a row now.
I know its very colorful, but I love it.

I have the pattern coming for Paton's must have cardigan. So all I have to do is to order the yarn. I'm also eyeing Loop d Loop's fair isle short row pullover. Not sure about this one yet. I'm still trying to find a nice fair isle sweater pattern. I also just found out that the flower basket pattern is now free on IK's website. Yipee!