Friday, December 01, 2006

Magknits is up

Somehow I'm usually drawn to the patterns on magknits, but this month I found two patterns that I like. K-chan and Brioche Malagaiter. I have yarn for both of these as well. I'll use my USM to do the brioche in flat stockinette and add the little tie on top to see how it turns out. K-chan will have to wait till after the holidays. Still trying to figure out here what I'm going to make for the girls. I'm thinking about cotton flannel nightgowns for them (somehow you cannot find cotton flannel nightgowns anywhere. They use something called poly flannel and of course fire retardant. Yuck!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm in virginia- around here, the quilting stores sell cotton flannel. it's not cheap ($5-9 per yard) but it is cotton. also look at 'brushed cotton'-- very nice flannel-y, cute prints, would make excellent kids pj's

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