Monday, March 21, 2005

I know, its not knitting related. I've seen lots of knitting blogs with cats and dogs pictures so I thought I'll follow suit. Yes, we're talking about chickens here. I don't have any yet, but looking and reading up on it. I'm thinking about getting 3 chickens and have dh build the poultry ark aka "chicken tractor". I'm going to start out with 1-2 day old chicks. I'm still deciding on the breed, probably medium size "layers". This chicken tractor design is really neat because you can move the tractor around your yard and let the chickens do their thing - fertilize and weed your yard. Eggs are a bonus too of course. Hubby thinks I'm a bit nuts at first but is warming up to the idea. :) If the chickens go well (I don't see why not) I'm planning on getting some rabbits next year. I have a calico cat already (indoor) and 3 little fishies for dd#1. Posted by Hello

On the knitting front, I'm half way done with the 2 sock for my sister. No pictures yet... I ordered some addi turbos this weekend and getting ready to order some yarn form knitpicks for another pair of socks and maybe a shawl. I'll post some pictures tomorrow of what I'll be doing.


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