Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My sockapalooza socks arrived today, all the way from Australia. I love the color and weight of the socks. Aren't they pretty? I like the different heel colors too, thank you so much Monique! I was actually wearing a burgundy top which matches the burgundy in the socks perfectly. I wore them for 1-1/2 hrs but then noticed my feet were cramping up. There is a seam down the middle of the socks and I thought I can ignore it but my feet don't like it too much. Any ideas on what I can do so I can wear these lovely socks? I'm going to lanolize to see if that would relax the seam some. Thank you again so much Monique, beautiful socks. Great color combination! Posted by Hello


Blogger Ashik0 said...

Oh no!! I was so worried about that stupid seam! And after I'd finished them, I came across a way to avoid the whole seams thing...Oh no! I'm so sorry! I hope someone knows of something we can do... They look a little too big for you, too, or is that just the photo?

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