Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Brea from Berroco

Here it is... Its a little on the wide side, but seems to be okay when I used it yesterday. I was afraid everything in my purse will fall out (I didn't add a zipper to the liner). The purse is only held by the button you see in the picture.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

A lot of FO...

First off, the EZ yokeless sweater from Knitting Workshop. I love this sweater.... The yarn is Patons classic wool on size 6 circs. I'm totally in love with Zimmerman's patterns. I knitted the body and sleeves on the USM (plate 3) and then switched to hand knitting. I finished the sweater in 1 week!! Also in picture is knitty's calorimetry. My second one. This one is silk garden (forgot which colorway), but you can't really see it anyways.

On to EZ's heart hat. Same yarn + cascade 220 I have in stash. Size 6 needles (can go to size 7 next time around). I just followed the pattern, but you can adjust the pattern CO multiples of 10 + 1. Here's a picture on a wiggly girl:
Next time I think I'll add some short rows in the front. Totally fun knit.

I also feel in love with Mason Dixon' s dishcloths. I'm on my third one, sugar and cream:
Oh, and a recent thrift find - Mikasa cup. I didn't quite understand the craze over the dishcloths but I love them. I plan on making a lot of them. I just have to smile when I see the
vibrant colors.

I'm also finishing up Berroco's Brea. The bag is all lined, handle attached. Just need to add a button and the button closure.

Wow, a lot done here. I'm eyeing knitpicks' phoebe sweater.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I finally got back to the swing of things (in terms of knitting). First off, an almost finished object:

Its Berroco's brea. A really quick knit. I'm using Jo Sharp wool I have in my stash from oh, 2 years ago. I'm almost done with the gusset. But still looking for a leather handle for the bag. The place listed on the pattern doesn't seem to sell the handles anymore.

Then some major frogging, good bye Paton's must-have cardigan (I don't really really need it...). Who am I kidding? With 2 young kids and homeschooling this year...

You get the picture. I'm realling digging Zimmermann's Knitting workshop. I'm doing the first yoke sweater. Using the USM to do the bulk of the knitting and then seaming it to create the round (sounds kind of backwards but it works). I also handknitted the moss stitch band. I did the front and back and 1 sleeve in about 2 days (3-4 hours). 1 more sleeve tonight and then I'll start knitting the top and adding a pattern to it. More pictures on that soon.

Another finished project but no pix yet, the kitty pi. Its all done, and felted. I washed it twice but it was still too floppy. Just ran it through the washer with the diapers and its good to go.