Saturday, March 26, 2005

I know its a bit boring, but here's what I've got for the hot water bottle cozy. This is a gift for the dd#1's preschool and the teacher prefers organic unprocessed yarn. The yarn does not show off the cabling that well. However, it is soft and sturdy. See that little strand of brownish yarn on the side? I put the yarn in the easter egg dye pot(red onion skin + water + vinegar) and I kind of like the color. Not sure if its right for the hot water bottle cozy though. The eggs turned out a beautiful brick red. I can hear the preschoolers already, complaining about the color looking like... you know.. Posted by Hello

I ordered some yarn from knitpicks, some sock yarn and "shimmer". Also ordered more Jo Sharp DK from Herrschner for a sweater in Vintage Knits, some Debbie Bliss Merino Aran for Knitty's Miss Dashwood. I really like color so I'm really not too motivated with the current project.

On the chicken coop front, dh is at home depot right now getting material for the coop. Yipee!


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