Wednesday, March 30, 2005

What a pain! A whiny post.

Okay, the shawl scarf was a major pain to get started. First casting on 375 sts was small task(for me). I counted, counted and recounted gazillion times. Then I frogged the first row about 5-6 times -> which translates to counting and recounting those 375 sts to make sure I start with the correct number of sts. That was yesterday, all day. Today I finally got past the first, second, third and now I'm on the fourth row. Not much to show for, but hopefully I get some momentum over the weekend. Yes, we're talking weekend (even though I'm a SAHM). We're taking a mini trip up to Marin. DD had the last 2 weeks off from preschool (I know, who cares if she misses a week). On our way home, I'm hoping we can stop by HMB Fuel and Feed store to pick up some baby chicks.


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