Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Sent out the sockapalooza socks this morning. I know its a day late, but the kids nap time was all over the place yesterday . I got the postcard last night and walked over to the PO this morning. My sock pal lives in the same town so she'll probably get it tomorrow.

I'm on my second sock now. I'll post a picture of the FO after my sister receives them. I'm also working on a hot water cozy. I'm using the organic tweed yarn from Full Belly Farm. Not much to show yet, just casted on. The yarn is minimally processed, still loaded with lanolin and vegetative material.


Blogger Lu said...

I got them and I love them - I am wearing them right now!
I can't believe we are this close, I am posting this from 4 min away - hop on my blog and email me! We really need to meet, or maybe we already know each other ... we both have kids, this city is so small ......

12:09 PM  

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