Friday, March 04, 2005

I'm on the second sleeve now. I still can't tell if I'm going to run out of yarn or not. Its going to be very close. The 1st sleeve seems a bit long, so I might shorten it an inch or so if that will tie me over yarnwise. Wish me luck!
I'm having second thoughts about the mariah. I'm not sure I like the hood or the collar. I also cannot settle on a color. So maybe some time away from obsessing about it would help.
A couple of things I'm thinking about making. First the booga bag, I have 3 skeins of kureyon so that would be perfect. The hot water bottle cozy, I want to make one for us and one for DD's preschool as a farewell present (she's moving onto kindergarten). Whatelse? Maybe butterfly, or Gloria or Caraway (yes, all from Noro Knits by Jane Ellison). I glanced at Simply Noro at the LYS, bought it and realize I really like Noro Knits. The LYS has a no return policy on patterns! So, if anyone wants to trade with me, let me know! The book is in grand spanking new condition. I'm also looking for a sock pattern and sock yarn (a surprise present, so I won't be talking about it much here).
Hopefully I'll have enough yarn and I can finish up Rogue this weekend. More pics then.


Blogger grazy craz said...

the bag looks great. I might want to make one for my laptop!!

2:06 PM  

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