Thursday, March 02, 2006

Progress and whats coming...

Still chugging along with the Charlotte's Web, on row 96. So I guess I have 60 more rows to go. But the rows are getting longer and longer. I'm up to almost 200 stitches a row now.
I know its very colorful, but I love it.

I have the pattern coming for Paton's must have cardigan. So all I have to do is to order the yarn. I'm also eyeing Loop d Loop's fair isle short row pullover. Not sure about this one yet. I'm still trying to find a nice fair isle sweater pattern. I also just found out that the flower basket pattern is now free on IK's website. Yipee!


Blogger Julia said...

Looks great! I like projects that have decreases at the end (like bottom up sweaters) because the rows get shorter. Somehow it's anti-climactic when the rows get longer as you are so close to finishing!!

8:24 AM  

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