Monday, April 24, 2006

Results of my second fiber reactive dyeing... I'm pretty happy with it. :) My 5 year old is crazy about this yarn. There is about 63 yards of bulky weight here. And I love the BFL (I think I've said that before). Soft and it has a nice sheen to it. So what about my first fiber reactive dyeing results? Well.. think red, blood red roving. The whole thing - red, red and more red! Argh! I didn't bother to mix up new dye, I just poured in the dye I mixed up from last summer's tie dyeing party. Oops! I'll use the roving for blending later on.

I also need to order more fiber. I'm thinking about getting more BFL, some merino, merino-silk and maybe some merino-kid mohair. I'll be ordering from copper moose again. I'm also thinking about ordering some mill end from the sheep shed studio (great reviews on craftster). Cheap fiber.. great for experimenting with color blending and such.


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