Monday, April 17, 2006

Some wool roving chicks and felted eggs we made for Easter. I spent 3 hours on Easter Sunday entering all the expenses for the biz into quickbooks. Only for dh to tell me later by doing so we owe more taxes! Huh? Less profit, more taxes? Should have spent the 3 hours spinning or knitting instead.

Progress shot of must have. The front is done, will start on the back. This is such a fun knit. Not a knitting in the car kind of knit, but fun!

Spinning wise (also Project Spectrum update), I'm done with my first skein. I still have to set the twist, but I love it. Its sport weight to dk weight with a couple of worsted spots. :) So thick-thin. About 240yds. Need to dye some fiber tonight. I hope dd#2 will cooperate (i.e. go to bed early)


Blogger jen said...

That yarn is gorgeous! And the little felted chicks are so cute. It must be so much fun to have kids at the crafty times of years!

5:09 PM  

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