Friday, April 07, 2006

More spinning...

Some yummy goodness to start out with. Kool-Aid dyed roving from the other night. I am getting ready to move on and try some "real" dye. I have some procion dye left from tie dyeing last summer. I'll give that a try. Great tutorial here.

I've decided on this little beauty. Yes, my logical/sensible side won. I'm also beginning to like how it looks better. I have been discussing my wheel options with dh and he likes the lendrum. Usually that would mean I'll be ordering the Louet. But looking at the ratios, and the fact that its foldable. DH also said its like buying a car. Do I tend to buy the car with good consumer ratings or the yugo? Not that the louet is a yugo or anything close.


Blogger Rosa said...

Great choice of spinning wheel. I have yet to make my final decision. I love the spindle and the yarn you are spinning. great choice of colors.

4:47 AM  

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