Friday, April 14, 2006

Got my Lendrum...

I got my Lendrum yesterday, put it together (the instructions were pretty terse, but its pretty straight forward), and got spinning.
May I present... Sally!

And here's a little bit of spinning

Treadling was a bit difficult, and I figured out why this afternoon. Somehow(ahem) my bobbin was not snapped on all the way last night while I was spinning. :P Things are a lot smoother now. DD#1 is really interested in the spinning wheel. She treadled yesterday afternoon while I drafted/spun. It was really nice.


Blogger jen said...

Hey, lady... We share something special, and I bet you can't guess what it is.

Our wheels came on the same day! :)

6:14 PM  
Blogger grazy craz said...

Sally. Nice to meet you. I will see you in person soon. My partner in crime got me into spinning too. I will need to figure out the dyeing(sp) part now. :)

7:26 PM  

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