Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Take a look. The yarn on the back/right I spun yesterday, the one on the front/left just half hour ago.
The thicker yarn is more uneven and more of an aran or maybe bulky weight. My index finger is also developing a callus. The secret or duh moment? I didn't predraft well enough. I mean I was pull the fibers sideways and then length wise
before. But tonight, I was looking at the hand cards
I got last weekend and thought why not card the roving? And what a difference! The books I've read thus far said you don't need to card roving, but man it is so much easier carded.

More dyeing for me tonight. Hopefully dh can get that light up in my "dyeing room". I already selected a corner in the dining room for the wheel. Yes, I just slowly take over the house. First the spare room (small 8x10 room) became my craft room. Then half the laundry room. Then add another corner...


Blogger Sharuk said...

if u r good at knitting y not do a podcast about it.. beware of martha stewart

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