Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Yipee, and not so yipee

Yipee! Finished one of my sockapalooza socks, started on the second one. I was going to switch back to the clapotis, but I'm actually quite enjoying the socks right now. So I thought I'll go with the grove. Posted by Hello

And now the not so yipee part. DH's car got vandelised yesterday. He went to the mall at lunch (to pick up flowers and cards for me and dd#1, what a sweetie!) and on his way back to work, noticed a car following him. He didn't think much of it at the time, figuring its someone who works in his building. Leaving work last night, he noticed a deep scratch all around his car. The "guy" scratched every single panel of his car! Not just a light scratch, but deep where you see metal! So its not done by car keys. DH only drove 2 exits and didn't cut anyone off. So who knows what the deal is. Now he has to file a police report, deal with insurance and take the car into the shop... Anyways, some sick people out there.


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