Saturday, April 09, 2005

Yarn, yarn and more yarn....

First off, I misplaced the charger to my digital camera. So no pictures. I took it with us to Marin last weekend, and I remember putting it in the suitcase. But no charger in sight. With a 1 year old in the house, it could be anywhere.

When I read about other people's stash, I always wondered how they can accumulate so much yarn. Someone says their stash of 200+ skeins is small. Thats huge for me. I have maybe 15 skeins and I get nervous when I have more than that. But this week, my fingers went shopping. There is a big sale at Webs, I got 3 bags of Jo Sharp Soho Summer (1 bag of Cloudless and 2 bags of Currant). I'm planning on knitting a couple of sweaters from Vintage Knits. I also got a bag of Jo Sharp DK Wool in wine and couple skeins of Cascade 220. I'm probably going to make the french market bag with the Cascade and a pair of soaker shorts for dd. Then I went to Little Knits and she has Noro Iro on sale for $12.99 a skein!! I've been wanting to knit Fletcher from Simply Noro for a while, but the yarn was selling for $20+ a skein. So I take this as a sign... :P The service at Little Knits is excellent. I got a personal email from her the same day saying the yarn was packed and will go out on Monday. Yay!

I picked up the VK Summer 05 on Friday and is it full of yummy patterns. I really like this shawl and this little sweater and this other sweater and this simple tank. Its going to be a busy knitting season!


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