Thursday, February 10, 2005

Thinking about new projects...

I'm not done with either the clapotis or thesocks. I'm aboutto do the 7th drop on my clap and start working on my socks again. Its so warm (65F) today I'm worried I won't get a chance to wear my clap before next winter. I guess Feb is a warm month, but it might get coolish in March-April.

I'm thinking about my next projects. I was originally thinking about doing the mariah or a cardigan in Vogue magazine, but don't really want to start something I won't get to wear until next winter. So I'm looking at blaze or brisa or a cute ruffled top in Vogue knitting magazine. I'd prefer a v-neck, but we'll see. I'll also be knitting something for my sister who reads this blog. I won't be posting pictures for obvious reasons. I just need to find out what color she prefers and I'll go look for a pattern. So sis, what color? solid or variegated?

I'll be going to Stitches West this weekend leaving the kiddos with daddy. I'm going to have about 2 hours. Any strategies on how to cover 200+ booths in that time frame?


Blogger grazy craz said...

variegated sounds good ~ Grace

12:54 PM  

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