Sunday, July 03, 2005

Lelah is done and on the blocking board. I love it. I got a green ribbon for the tie. I'm still deciding what to do next. Posted by Picasa Either tivoli or the isis wrap from Interweave Summer 05.

I'm really into making bags this week too. I made a tote bag for dd#2's stuff for eating out (picture later). I got some fabric yesterday and planning on making a little purse for myself (and probably a matching one for dd#1). I found wonderful instructions here. I'm putting metal snaps on the bag and was lucky enough to find the last pair at Joann's (they were put on clearance and I actually found the very last pair in one of the bins). Hopefully I can get started on the purse this weekend. I've been looking forever for the right purse, now maybe I can make one!

Today's conversation with dh:
Me: I'm going to the yarn store this afternoon, they have a sale.
DH: You just went to Joann's yesterday.
Me: Joann's is a fabric store. Yarn store sells yarn.
DH: I bet there must be a needle store, thread store,... (snicker)
Me: I wish! :)

Happy 4th!


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