Friday, May 20, 2005

Got stuck on the flame stitch cardigan (the pattern is so full of errors its not even funny!), luckily knitflix came to the rescue. I finished the front right side this morning, and starting on the front left. Not too much to show. I hope I'll get the front and back done this weekend. We'll see. Good news is... I started and finished a pair of soaker shorts for dd#2. DH was complaining how her other soakers aren't fitting right and that I should knit another pair. I lanolized it yesterday, and its now blocking dry. The ties are done too. The yarn is from Mystical Yarn Creations. I frogged the clapotis. But this yarn is perfect for soakers. I might knit a little sweater for dd when it gets a bit warmer with this yarn. Size 7 needles. Soaker shorts pattern from Posted by Hello


Blogger goodkarma said...

Don't you just love the shape of a baby's clothes at this age? The big, big bottom to fit the diaper, and the little mini legs? hee hee!

10:39 AM  

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