Sunday, November 27, 2005

I'm back!

Well, its knitting season again! Yay! I just finished Fletcher from Simply Noro. I love this sweater. Very warm and cozy and the colors are amazing. The only thing is, I ran out of yarn! I purchased the yarn the beginning of the year. I made the XS (yes, its still huge) and the pattern says 9 skeins. The size S is also 9 skeins, so I thought I'm alright and should have some leftover. No! The sleeves are 2-3" shorter than specified (which fits fine on me) but the hood is also 2-3" short. I probably won't have the hood on much anyways. So if you're planning on making fletcher get another skein. I read on someone else's blog that she needed 2 more skeins ( I guess she must be making the S). Posted by Picasa

I'm also working on the turtleneck shrug from scarfstyle using some Jo Sharp DK wool I got last year. I'm on the lookout for the right yarn for Lady Eleanor (also from scarfstyle). No luck so far. The specified yarn is beautiful, muted woodsy look, but $300! I was hoping (still hoping) to find the "right" Noro, but no luck yet. And the 4 (yes, I have 4) LYS are of no help. They either do not carry Noro anymore, or has a pitiful selection.


Blogger Lu said...

Fletcher looks great!

Have you looked at Karaoke as a sub for Noro? The colors are amazing and it is so soft! Full Thread Ahead in Los Altos has a great selection of it.

5:58 PM  
Blogger Lynette said...

it's soooo cute!

9:51 AM  
Blogger Angela M said...

Oooo, karaoke is a definite possiblity. Thanks Lu. I have yet to venture down to Full Thread Ahead. Now I have a reason too. :)

3:55 PM  

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